Monday, 23 January 2012

Happy Founders Day New Babbage!

Five years ago the very first of the New Babbage sims, Babbage Square, came online and the new residents were told to go in and build.

Khashai Steinbeck's factory to the left and Salazar Jack's Gasworks to the right.

The First Bank of New Babbage just above the embankment.

The Ginsberg building and the frame of the Imperial Theatre to the right. The Lindens changed the sun face for Martin Luther King Day.

First textured version of my shop.

My first New Babbage shop in its final state where it originally stood in Babbage Square.

Much has changed since then. At the time I was based in Caledon and New Babbage was only one sim. Flexiprims did not exist, nor sculpts, mesh or windlight.
Babbage is now 10 sims and I live here. I think there are only four of the original Founders still active in Babbage. But I enjoy the community that has evolved in this little corner of the grid.

Happy Founder's Week to all New Babbagites, both past and present.

Photos from the Aether Salon

Thanks to Miss Bookworm Heinrichs for capturing some images of the event.

Edward Pearse
Your presenter for the event dressed in the Pearse arms.

Pride of Lions
Discussing the distinction between the various poses of animal charges.

This is Not Easy
Shield divisions and ordinaries.

Attentive Audience
An attentive audience

Edited transcript available here:

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Æther Salon: Heraldry!

The newly rebuilt Salon precariously straddles the Babbage Palisade & Academy of Industry sims, for cunning reasons of crowd balancing.


The Æther Salon is brought to you by Baron Klaus Wulfenbach and his assistants who take no responsibility for your lack of enlightenment should you choose not to attend. Everyone hopes fervently that you shall be amongst us tomorrow!

Bedlam in Babbage - Movie Stars!

The popularity of the kinoscope grows at an astounding speed with some people even having magic lanterns in their own home!

Join Edward Pearse for a tribute to the "flicks".

2pm to 4pm SLT Saturday 14th of January.

Or tune in on