Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Innsmouth sim for Sale!

News this week that the long running H.P. Lovecraft themed sim Innsmouth, may have to close.

Darmin Darkes has sent out a note saying the sim will close in three weeks if a buyer cannot be found. And that's assuming the buyer wants to keep the sim as a Lovecraft sim.

Arriving in Innsmouth

You can stay overnight, but it's not recommended

It's mostly deserted

There are things on the short that may or may not be a little different

The streets are in ruin

Cars left were they were abandoned
A desolate playground

Mansions are in ruin

Even the railway line is down

Cthulhu has risen!

The Churches have odd statues

And even stranger temples

Some temples just shouldn't be ventured into

Two of the locals meet for a chat.

To be honest, the builds could use a little updating. Some deprimming and mesh. Change is a constant part of SL and many sims that I would have loved to see stay have disappeared over the years. I will be sad to see Innsmouth added to the list.