Tuesday, 27 February 2007

If the borg were ever done in a steampunk universe

"Pardon, gentlepersons...a moment of your time? Allow us to introduce ourselves...we are the Borg. No...no relation to the Icelandic singer, I assure you.

If you would be so kind, please lower your shields and surrender your ships into our care...perhaps just past afternoon tea, if that's acceptable. With your kind observance, we will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your enlightened, but yet somewhat...if you'll pardon the expression...'excitable' culture will adapt to service us.

Oh, and for the record, kind gentle sirs...resistance is futile, and we assure you that we are quite capable in this endeavour, so you mightn't go to very much bother with defence preparations and other such nonsensical behaviour. Sincerely, your humble servants--The Borg, Esquire."

I laughed very hard.

Tuesday, 13 February 2007

A Secondlife Funeral

Most of you out there will have probably known of an internet friend who passes away. Someone whom you never met but who you spoke to, argued with, laughed with and generally had some form of conversation with. You may not have known them other than a name on a board or you have have shared things with them about your real life.

And when that person is not longer there are postings and comments about them and how they'll be missed. I'd known a guy off the Serenity Oz boards who I knew simply as Choccy. I'd met him briefly when he cam down from Sydney once when a group fo the Browncoats got together for a drink. He died of cancer not long after and I believe there's still a dedication thread that has been "stickied" to the top of the discussion groups.

But today was something very different. Today we learnt that the player behind the SecondLife avatar Shucks Valkyrie had died from a heart attack there was an impromptu memorial service held in the cemetery of the Tombstone, Arizona sim, his most recent place to be.

I've never attended a virtual funeral service before. It was odd yet it worked. The sim manager said some words of remembrance and then someone started the words to Amazing Grace. Each line was delivered in chat, completely unprompted, yet there was no duplicating of lines as it was taken up by mourners. Someone even kicked in with a recorded audio version of it.

I only met Shucks a handful of times but he was always having fun and making others laugh. He will be missed.

Saturday, 10 February 2007

An interesting week

It has been an interesting week for me around the place.

Most recently I had been given a commission to design a new badge for the incoming Sheriff of Steelhead City. I am told that the previous incumbent needs to take his with him as it has been enchanted to prevent him from turning into a demon. I think it's enchantment is wearing off.

So I had finally finished and I attended the weekly town meeting not only to present the new Sheriff with his badge but to also discuss the new "vision" for Steelhead after the old management have passed things on. I'm interested in opening a store here.

The town meeting.

Miss Emilly looking very purple.

The Presentation box


The badge itself

Some of the colourful citizens of Steelhead pose for a photo after the meeting

Then later in the week saw another of Prim & Proper's Rose Hunts. All rosebushes cost L$100 but you don't know what you've got until after you pay for it. I think I made up for having missed the last two by indulging in some retail therapy.

The rose frenzy. Not the place for hay fever sufferers.

Miss Midnight Bohemia picks up a few bargains

In addition to several pairs of shoes, some hats a cloak and a few things as upcoming gifts for some lady friends, I managed to scoop the pool as it were.

My new destrier

And my new hackney carriage. I was having a little trouble working out why I couldn't get the breaks off the carriage to get it rolling. I have since worked out it is a left-hand-drive vehicle. These strange American idiosyncrasies.

Mr Somme, another connoisseur of things military pointed my in the direction of a weapons smith who produced and extremely fine looking sabre

As I was about to leave the rose hunt Mr Abel and Miss McAllister mentioned they were on there way to the opening meeting of the new Tombstone group and would I care to join them? I had by this time changed into my British uniform but they suggested I could claim a position of official observer :-)

The Tombstone hall

I also had a quick visit to Avilion, one of the most beautiful creations I have seen.

Monday, 5 February 2007

Caledon's Imbolc Ball and mermaid sightings

Friday night SLT saw the first Imbolc Ball to be held in Caledon. Hosted by Lady Amber Palowakski it saw a remarkable turn out in numbers including the not-so-much-reclusive-as-far-too-busy Desmond Shang.

The theme for the Ball was the old Celtic first day of Spring white white being the preferred colour for clothing. Not owning any white and having honestly forgotten about this until virtually the last minute, I don the uniform once again.

The Caledon Imbolc Ball.
Next to me is Miss Rosmairta Kilara.

Miss Eva Bellambi was my first dance partner for the evening.

Followed by The Honourable Kate Nicholas

The lovely Miss Figaro

And my next door neighbour from the Caledon Moors, Miss Vargas

I also managed to dance with Miss Cornelia, one of Caledon's clockwork constructions. For a machine weighing more than 200 pounds she certainly is light on her feet.

During the evening our benevolent Dictator unveiled the possible expansion plans for the Caledon Island (subject to demand). Much speculation ensued.

Afterwards I adjourned to Steelhead for some more relaxed dancing and had the good fortune to meet Miss Elaine Peterman, the owner of the Saloon in Sigil (another Western frontier town). The locals in Steelhead were in fine form with much witty banter and teasing remarks flowing freely. It felt just like home :-)

Not long before I was due to retire I heard word that a remarkable event might be near. Unconfirmed rumour were of sightings of a mermaid near the lake at Unity City. Racing to Chadbourne Innovations I acquired myself some equipment suitable for undersea viewing.

First sighting of the mythic creature.

Sadly some rather boisterous locals scared the creature off. Though I eventually caught up with her again at Empress Isle.

The island boasts a variety of ancient artefacts, many of which are beyond my understanding in their historic origin.

Finally however after sitting very still and making very quiet noises I was able to get the creature to come close enough to touch.

It's odd that a being that looks so much like us can be so different.

More adventures later.